Cisco ASA 5510

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Hey...wandering if there is a way to inspect packets coming in to determine what operating system the packets are coming from. Is this possible with a ASA 5510?


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    Your only hope is CX, but if you are smart just get a Palo Alto and be done with it. : )
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    So far as i can tell the cx is another cisco device that runs in parrallel with the asa correct?
  • It can be done by using OS identifications, but you need to have the IPS module for the ASA 5500 series.
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    You may be looking for something more automated, or real-time, but you can always use the ASA to capture a traffic stream (GUI or CLI), save it as a pcap file and then use p0f (passive OS fingerprint utility) to identify client OS. Or use nmap with the -O switch and target the unknown system(s) for an OS scan.

    * Provided you are in a lab and/or have permission to do so :)
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