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So I just received a call back from HR about an opening for an IT Security Analyst. Long story short, I'd have to drive from Pittsburgh to Mineola, NY to do a required face to face interview. They didnt say when, but they said they are moving forward quickly with the position. Needless to say, a trip to NYC is expensive. I'm sort of doubting whether or not its worth the (at least 200) drive back and forth for a position I may or may not get. Not sure how to handle this, any advice?


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    If you really want the job then I would go. My current position the commute was an hour to the interview, and now I commute 1 hour each way to and from work, but I enjoy my job and the experience is awesome so totally worth it.
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    You would be commuting 200 miles everyday? Clearly not worth it but that's just me. A 1 hour commute each way is my limit.
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    No no. Just the interview. But its all good, they're down for a Skype interview!
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    Ok first off....sorry to nitpick on this one, but Mineola is NOT nyc....thats Nassau County, Long Island!!! ok cool, having said that....have these pplz not heard of Skype, GotoMeeting, Facetime, etc??? Are they going to reimburse you for this trip? Thats a LONG ride, especially from the OTHER side of Pennsylvania....its like 5 1/2 hours with no traffic & doing like 70 all the way there...

    me personally, since I live here in nyc, if its more than 45 minutes drive to LI, Jerz, Westchester or CT, I dont want that role...
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    This job I'm on has me traveling pretty frequently. Im pretty used to driving quite a ways to get to hole in the wall remote sites, so drives arent usually intolerable for me.
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    If it is worth it to you, then do it. I'm pretty deep within the FBI Special Agent application processes and their expectation is having me drive 500+ miles round trip 5-6 different times (of course taking the day off), on my own dime, and without even a guarantee that I'll be hired on.

    They did, however, fly me out for one key part of the process. But even then, it was a day trip and didn't pay for overnight stay in NYC. icon_sad.gif
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    I personally hate skype interviews. Especially if you are interviewing with a group. I would make the drive if possible. If they are willing to pay for travel even better.
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