Great article on not letting your career stagnate

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    Excellent article...but you can't know it all. A shop that's dependent on web services will need serious LAMP(SQL/Webserver) knowledge, while a financial services shop might not need those at all. It depends really, but the article is good.
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    Good article. I'm currently in a position that started out with a lot of variety...but has slowly become more and more silo'd. That can be a good thing if it's the technology you want to focus on. In my case I'm not so sure, though.
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    Great article and one of the reasons I moved from my business analyst position to a systems position. I will not only get paid more but I will have more hands on experience with IIS / web services. Not to leave out other technologies like database management and refactoring applications that were built in 2000.

    Should be challenging but should keep my skills sharp. I'll also get to work with vSphere and some other technologies I have never used before.
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    Great article, thanks for sharing!
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    I'm on the other side of this. Learning a whole lot of things on my own but no one cares because I haven't used them in a job. It won't stop me from continuing to do things on my own because it'll be great once I finally find a place that appreciates it but it's not the magic bullet the author makes it appear to be.
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    The scenario in that article is 100% spot on and is what happened to me in my last position at my last firm. I was stuck in an IAM role for 6 years and every time I interviewed I was told they loved me, loved my overall resume but I was missing (insert other skill(s) here) that the other candidate(s) had or that they wanted. I dealt with that for almost 3 years until my current company saw the ability to quickly grasp new things and also my desire to learn and grow, and gave me a shot.

    But I learned the importance of not being silo'd (pigeonholed) into a single role or technology. Thankfully in the GRC space I have a wide array of responsibilities in the GRC realm and the role plays well into other GRC/audit/management roles. I also study the technical side of security to not just be stuck with GRC knowledge.
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