OSI model

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Does anypne have any tips for the network + test regarding the OSI model? How well should you know the layers?


  • RussSRussS Posts: 2,068Member
    I know a couple (not suitable for public usage ... lol), but one that Mike Meyers uses makes me crack up and is easy to remember

    Please - Physical
    Do - Data Link
    Not - Network
    Throw - Transport
    Sausage - Session
    Pizza - Presentation
    Away - Application
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    You can private message me those other ones icon_lol.gif
    Xinxing is the hairy one.
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    the STICKY on the forum has a nice writeup on it for the exam..

    check it out..
  • pandimuspandimus Posts: 651Member
    I would think that you would have to know the ins and outs of the osi layer.. Especially what equipment runs on what layer..

    Xinxing is the hairy one.
  • RussSRussS Posts: 2,068Member

    This is a reasonable reference for the OSI layer.
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  • RussSRussS Posts: 2,068Member
    doah icon_cry.gif

    Kicks self in butt for not posting the OSI link here icon_redface.gif
    Hopefully webmaster will forgive me and not merciless take the micheal out of me icon_clown.gif
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    ALL- Application
    People- Presentation
    Seem- Session
    To- Transport
    Need- Network
    Data- Data Link
    Processing- Pysical

    This one worked for me...........

  • lparzialelparziale Posts: 1Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Anymore - Application
    Pot - Presentation
    Smoke - Session
    To - Transport
    Need - Netowrk
    Don't - Data Link
    People - Physical

    Sorry if this is a bit risky, but it was told to me once and I never forgot because of that reason.

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