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Why is everyone going on about the Trancender's practice exams? I bought the test prep from Total Seminar's and i believe it's better. Not only does it contain far more questions, it includes ones from the hardware and the OS with answers and explanations and it's cheaper!
If anyone has tried both and disagrees then please let me know


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    I haven't actually used the Transcender for A+, however I know for other exams that the questions & explainations are very well thought out. As for Totalsem - I am guessing that you are referring to the A+ Premuim Practice Exam disk and not the one that comes with the AIO book?

    Yes that is a great resource and I think should be very good for getting ready for the exam. It does not however have questions from the real Comptia exam - close enough to put you on the right track though :)
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    The Transcenders are overkill, that's why they're so good. If you can score around 90% on them, you're ready for the test. Hell one of my teachers was telling us about how he used the Transcender stuff to prep for one of his MCSE tests. He finished it in 10 minutes and was so disappointed in being that ready for a test, he didn't touch the Transcenders for the other tests just so he could feel like he was actually accomplishing something.

    Me, I'm not that needful ;) What's worked well for me on the A+ and Net+ has been studying from two different books and then prepping for the exam with the Transcenders. This seems to work well, so I'm going to continue with that route for all three MCSA exams.
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    Actually I thought Sybex exams were more overkill than transcender's. I think transcender is the perfect mix. Bow to transcender! hehe...
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    I currrently have the tansender program available to me, I would have to
    agree on the overkill thing.
    I have passed the A+ Hardware and am currently working on the OS portion
    of the certification. Transender did not actually help me out on the
    Hardware from my opnion but is a good learning tool.
    We shall see how it works out come Friday when I am scheduled
    to take the OS test.
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    You're taking the OS on Friday also? Well hey, good luck! :D
  • fugi1fugi1 Posts: 58Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    i tell you what the test questions on transcender's is totally different to totalsem and much harder! i thought i was fully prepared after scoring consistently high marks on the totalsem tests but today i've been well exposed. :o
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    that is the beuty of transender :D
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