After CCNA....Net+, Sec+ ?

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Hi all
I have a dilemma in my hands. Yesterday I got my CCNA and I’m thinking what to do next. I would like to get toward security, but I don’t know what should I get. Is Security+ a good certification?. Any good advice?
Since I have all sorts of things in my head from the CCNA, is Network+ that far? , I have no idea about the Net+ objectives. Maybe somebody who already took both certifications can tell me.
I have a MCSE 2000 if that helps.

Thanks for any advice.


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    I really wouldn't bother with Network+ if you already have CCNA and/or MCSE 2000. Network+ is similar to CCNA intro, but of course without the cisco commands. Network+ can provide beginners with a good basic networking foundation, but after CCNA and MCSE 2000 you won't learn anything new. You can find the Network+ exam objectives here:
    I would like to get toward security, but I don’t know what should I get. Is Security+ a good certification?.
    Security+ covers material that's useful even if you don't want to enter the security field, but is certainly a good one to start with.

    Check out the following topic for some more info about security certs:
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    Is CCNA really hard as they tell??
    What is the topics of it?
    Did you find it difficult?

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    It depends on your knowledge level/experience going into the exam(s). I went the single test route, so I can't speak to the INTRO/ICND track. I don't think the material was too bad (after plenty of studying), but getting used to the way Cisco asks the questions and presents the answers was probably the worst part. Not to mention the fact that you have to do it on the fly. There are definately more difficult tests out there, but CCNA is a good cert that will give you a good feel what you should expect if you continue down the Cisco path.

    As for topics, you're looking at basic networking technologies, routing protocols, ACLs, subnetting, WAN basics, etc.
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    Thanks a lot Johan for the info. Now I have the big picture and I will definitely go for the security+ to start.

    Spyweb, as Texican said, how hard it is depends on your knowledge, you have to understand how cisco wants the things done. I would recommend buy a couple of used routers on ebay and practice a lot. They are cheap and can help you a lot, I made a testlab at home and played with it (my wife wasn’t as happy as I was with the mess jeje) and it was helpful.
    Good luck
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