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Hi folks

Is it possible to obtain vouchers for CompTIA exams sat at Prometric or Vue testing centres here in the UK?

If so, where do I get them from and what savings can be made?



  • cheebliecheeblie Posts: 288Member
    Prometric test vouchers are good at ANY Prometric testing center throughout the USA and Canada.
    From the looks of that, I would say no. Try finding another website, because it appears that they won't work in Europe.

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    True, but he asked "or VUE" ;)
  • ZumpelZumpel Posts: 53Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    hehe, they do have a link on the page for international customers.
    the only drawback is, that the CCard you can use to pay must conform to US security check standards. (which not all credit institutes in Europe do)
    If if doesnt, you can use paypal . (..which is yet another story... :) )
  • bellboybellboy Posts: 1,017Member
    i bought my voucher for network+ through getcertified4less using a link relating to terrietories outside north america. it amounted to paying no tax ;)
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  • BobbyZ_UKBobbyZ_UK Posts: 14Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    I booked my O/S exam through Prometric and paid £117.50 inc VAT icon_mad.gif

    Looking at getcertifiedforless I could get a voucher for around £85, saving me £32.50!!!

    Is it OK to sit O/S via Prometric and Core via Vue??

    It's a hell of a saving :D
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    BobbyZ_UK wrote:
    Is it OK to sit O/S via Prometric and Core via Vue??

    Yes, it is. :)
  • bellboybellboy Posts: 1,017Member
    it is possible, but you must be careful when registering with vue.

    i did my a+ exams through prometric and my network+ through vue. i cannot remember where my problem lay, but i ended up getting a second comptia id created along the way. suffice to say, when i did not know this until i walked out of the test centre with my score sheet and tried in vain to correct the matter, but my network+ certificate came with my name spelt wrongly as well and i ended up having to phone comptia to get my id details merged into one.
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