cloud+ looking for condensed cram guide (proctorU question)

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Any help you guys can give me would be great.

I know about the mcgraw book, maybe one or two others, but really scarce stuff.

ProctorU promo, if I buy it now, and choose to reschedule, is that a way to do it so I don't have to rush? When I did the server+ it said something like I could take it until April 8th. I didn't try to test that theory though :P


  • PsychoData91PsychoData91 Posts: 138Registered Members ■■■□□□□□□□
    With the ProctorU thing you could sign up for as far forward and then (maybe) reschedule it out farther. Farthest I could schedule out right now is 11:30PM EST Saturday, February 28 2015. This "term" is listed as Fall 2014. I would hurry up and schedule it out as far as I could and study my tail off if you are worried about not knowing it yet. It is something you could learn in that time if you dedicate to it.
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    Have you guys seen that the cert is now $50 on ProctorU?
  • GessGess Posts: 144Registered Members
    I signed up for two $50 exams but couldn't reschedule past March 31st. Was hoping to push one later but it's okay, the short deadline will motivate me to study it a little more. ;)
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