I am worried about a how my study guide is

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Hi All.
I passed my A+ about a month ago and I wasn't as much worried as I am now studying for Network+
I have David Groth's Study Guide and I have Exam Cram 2. The questions and depth of coverage are very different in both of them.
I also had Network+ Passport from the library, that was my first book which I studied while waiting for Groth's book to arrive. Passport was a very easy book, the exams there were really light so I was kind of suspisious. Now I am using Groth's study guide and Exam Cram and they both cover the same area in entirely different way.
For example: Groth is light on Apple networking and ExamCram is heavy.
So I am worrying that if I rely on one book only I might not make it.
Can you guys let me know your opinion of suitability of these books?


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    There is never a single book that covers it all, so I always recommend reading two books for an exam... considering the cost of an exam. But I honestly think that by now our Network+ TechNotes can substitute the second book. Within a couple of days the final two TechNotes for Network+ wil be released (Network Services: WINS, DHCP, DNS, NAS, SNMP and a small one about Unix/Linux) which also means the complete PDF will become available with all the TechNotes combined. It will cover the key information for every single Network+ exam objective, some briefly, some in detail. But combined with a full text book, it should give complete coverage.

    The Network+ exam is not that hard, some practice questions might seem easy (suspicious...), but so are the most of the questions from the real exam.
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    your books sound good to me - groth's book is highly recommended by visitors in many forums and i liked the exam carm that i used for my a+.

    network+ seemed harder than a+ to me too, but i think it was because most of it was new to me at the time. hands-on helped, but, obviously, there where more things i could not recreate than in my a+ labs.

    great news about the network+ guides, webmaster. it must be a long time since i checked the technotes, that i didn'#t realise that you had almost everything covered!

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    Thanks Guys. Yes, I have Technotes printed out and I've used them too.
    I've allso took a test here at Techexams and got 90%. I am doing OK with Freecomtia exams too. That makes me feel comfortable, but then I followed one of the links from the one of the posts to another website which sells their test for 39.99 for 30 days and allows you to try 20 questions for free and I was devastated, couldn't answer none of their questions.
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    You should use more than one study guide, or maybe even more than two.

    I passed Net+ 3 weeks ago. The only study guide I used was Meyers's
    All-In-One Network+ Certification Exam Guide. I had used Meyers on the A+, so I like his style. However, I don't recommend that anyone else do that! While I was writing the exam, this thought crossed my mind--but I passed.

    Probably the thing that got me through was using every online practice exam that I could find. Also the Network+ study aids on this site have good info. Don't miss them. All these resources will not only give you good information, but will show you your weak areas for review.

    It's amazing to me, this fellowship of "geekiness" or whatever you might want to call it, that we find on the Internet. If you need information, there are lots of people online who will gladly pass it on to you.

    Best of luck.
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    tokhsstokhss Member Posts: 473
    i agree.. it seems that IT people are always out there willing to TRY and help solve a problem.. etc.. thats what i like.. were all curious about different scenarios and problems... atleast i am ..
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    Thanks to all of you for your help.
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