What certification path exist for someone interested in mobile technology?

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Hey guys,

Just curious what certifications and paths exist for someone who really enjoys mobile technology. Lately Ive been so fascinated by the history and growth of mobile tech. Its been fun learning how the market has moved from Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian domination...to a market now dominated by Android and iOS.

Ive enjoyed learned some of the ins and outs of each operating system, as well as learning about all the hardware that they work on

Even more so, lately Ive been taking in as much knowledge as possible on Google's Project ARA. The idea of a modular phone with components that may been hot-swappable is amazing. The videos and prototypes Ive seen just thrill me.

Anyways, aside from getting involved in coding...how could an IT person get certified in a way that he can find a job that lets him work closely with mobile tech. Things like putting together mobile networks for a company, linking them to the company's PC system, or in the later parts of ones career, planning the selection and rollout of new mobile tech?


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