70-461 Freaking Out

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I scheduled my first 70-461 without really knowing what it was about, as I have 10+ T-SQL experience, querying, updating via MS and Oracle, I can write queries in my sleep.

Then I bought the CBT nuggets thing and started going through it. Realized that it involves a lot more then what I know.

I went through the CBT Nuggets stuff, the guy is obviously brilliant, and really good at what he does, but he is a total utter nerd, and his videos go of n way too many tangents,

Yea he does show good stuff and tricks, and I would love to talk nerd with him, but I am prepping for an exam which is vast, and him spending 20 min on "a cool function, but its not in the exam" freaks me out.

Obviousy I failed the first one, 500

I then rebooked straight away,and brushed up on my lacking skills, far better prepared this time, using the Microsoft virtual academy.

Failed again, 575,

I have now rebooked for 2 weeks time.

I went through all of the sql 2012 jump start on virtual academy,passed all the self tests.

The transcender exams on CBT nugget do not equal the actual exam. I don't want the exact questions, just questions modelled on more or less what to expect.

There is 8 questions in total for XML in the transcender exam, on both exams there were 5 questions alone.

Where can I get .vce that are accurate, or queries and examples.

An exam emulator similar to the MS environment, I am prepared to pay.

What else, do I need to do..

Should I buy the MS training kit, though CBT was enough.



  • zaleonardzzaleonardz Posts: 61Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    First response,

    The MeasureUp stuff is actually far more related to the actual exam then the Transcender Kaplin stuff available on CBTNuggets...
  • zaleonardzzaleonardz Posts: 61Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    70-461 is my *****, 3rd strike, but I won.

    My successful preparation path was
    1. Microsoft Virtual Academy, do this first before you do the CBT nuggets
    2. Buy the MeasureUp exam preparation series, its MUCH better then the Kaplin stuff found on CBT Nuggets
    3. THen CBT nuggets.

    I write 70-462 in 2 weeks time, so lets see if my above learning path works.
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    congrats zaleonardz. thanks for sharing your methods, it's interesting to see things people use to pass the exam.
    Good luck with your next one.
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    Congrats Zale, you can ignore my question on my 70-461 post where I asked what you used to prepare for the 70-461. I do have another question though, did u pay the $99 monthly for the CBT Nuggets. CBT is intriguing to me but between the Microsoft Books and my monthly PluralSight subscription adding $100 would be a lot.
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