CCIE R&S, so it starts ....

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Ever since I started working as a Network Engineer, I have always wanted to be a CCIE and dreamed of getting that prestigious number. But life happened and 8 years, marriage and a 1 kid later, i just realized how important it is for me to go back and get what I have always wanted, and that now is the time.

More than what the certification would bring, this is more of a mental block for me, that I can get out what I set out to achieve. Biggest challenge has been setting time aside and keeping myself motivated. And what better place to start than surrounding yourself ( virtually ) with like minded people. So, here I am. I wish you join and collaborate with you in achieving this and hopefully helping others aspiring for the same dream.

So it starts... :)


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    Goodluck on your journey!
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    Best of luck with your journey.

    You are in the right place
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    Best of luck! The mental block part for me was huge. Suddenly making the switch in my mind from "CCIE is for those senior guys, not me" to "oh wait, I AM one of those senior guys" made a huge difference. Not just for this test, but for my work and attitude in general. I get comments on it regularly.
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    Good luck and be prepared for a long journey and many challenges along the way. Embrace them, adapt and overcome!
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    Good luck, look forward to following your progress.
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    I also look forward to follow your progress! As a fellow candidate (collaboration) it would be good to see how others are travelling!
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