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I took the first shot at the CCNA exam a few months ago, thinking it was going to be a breeze, i got the shock of my life.
Its soo much harder than i thought i'd be.
Anyway, now i'm going back to do it again for the second time. This time, very well prepared.
I would like to know, if someone can suggest a place where i can get updated CCNA questions and practice exams. I tried preplogic and they had to ship the package out to me. I need one i can just download.
Also is it worth it to go through the test preparation companies? I tried measure up, and they were the WORST.
Anyway, ever bit of information is appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

P.S: i can be reached [email protected]


  • your BEST resource is It is straight from the horse's mouth. Use the questions in the book. Also check out and the techexams tests.
  • strauchrstrauchr Posts: 528Member is great for MS exams. Very good quality and same as you would expect on the exam.

    I used these quite a bit during my MCSE studies. Not sure about Cisco but I do plan to use them again as I am going through my CCNA now.

    And I must say this is the hardest entry level exam I have every studied for. I hate Subnetting!!!
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