Stressed about A+ Hardware!

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Hello all: I am brand new to the IT industry. I'm taking the A+ Hardware test in 3 weeks and am freaking out!!! Any advice from those who have passed? Thanks Bunches!


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    First thing you should do is.... relax. Stressing doesn't help, studying does, and when you are prepared there is no need to stress at all.

    What did you use to prepare? Several people posted their experience with the A+ exam in this forum which should give you some insight and perhaps give you more confidence. Let us know when you need any help with certain topics.

    We are also going to add some new practice questions and Technotes later today or tomorrow. These are written by Tracey Rosenblath, co-author of the famous Mike Meyer A+ guide. icon_cool.gif
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    Thank you for the reply. I'm studying with XXXXX, Transcender, Fred's Fast cram, Measure up, and The Staff Guide. I love this website, just found it today. The forum is VERY helpful. I feel a little bit more comfortable reading the entries and using the advice. My issue is trying to memorize the sockets and cpu's and speeds. Thank you again.
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    Just keep on going and let us know when you need help on anything, the exam is very doable. And you got the right material, except for the one I xxxx-ed. The owner of that company, has been in jail already because he sells braindumps: questions stolen from the real exam pool, such products are illegal. If CompTIA would know you use that to prepare, you wouldn't even be allowed to take the exam... you really don't need it top pass either. Just read the guides and practice using Transcender and you should do fine.
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    make test day as stress free as possible. Schedule it on a weekend if you can. Make sure that you know where your testing location is beforehand. Don't schedule it where you have to drive during rush hour to get there (well if it's a weekend then that won't be a problem). Don't take the test if you are distracted, i.e. hunger. Don't try to study new material on the day of the exam, just do a few practice exams. Be confident.
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    Hands on experience is your friend. Buy a couple older PCs if you can, take them apart and reconstruct them using different parts. Once you've installed the operating system, swap parts out.

    As for time of day, I agree with the above suggestions. I scheduled my A+ exams at 10:30. Rush hour traffic is gone by then and it only took 15 minutes to get there instead of 45. Get there early so you have time to compose yourself (when I got to the reception desk I let the guy know who i was, then immediately asked where the restroom was, LOL).

    It's an incredibly short exam. When I took the 2nd test I just waltzed in, took the test and a couple minutes later I was certified.

    More material for ya (I post this so often it should be in my .sig):
    Email [email protected] ... the autoresponder will give you links to 4 great .pdfs from an accomplished author. Great study guide and excellent practice questions. 400+ pages (EACH) of A+ lovin'. :)
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    thanks guys for the advice. i just printed the technotes from the webmaster- they rock! i appreciate your help! any advice on trying to memorize ALL of the sockets and cpu's? do i really need to know all of them for the test?
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    get free software.
    you should memorise the irq, dma, sockets, cpu types, etc.. in case you get any on the test.

    and freaking out is ok because that is what drives you to pass.
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    Jenna wrote:
    thanks guys for the advice. i just printed the technotes from the webmaster- they rock! i appreciate your help! any advice on trying to memorize ALL of the sockets and cpu's? do i really need to know all of them for the test?

    I just put another A+ Core TechNote online: icon_arrow.gif
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    i super appcreciate it- just printed it. i feel a lot better knowing that there are people out there who are so kind and helpful! :)
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    Don't worry about it too much. Three weeks should be more than enough to get familiar with all the test objectives. Also, since it's only the hardware, you shouldn't have to worry too much about studying lots of material. Good luck on your test.

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    tip: the best tip to schedule a test when when you are ready or superclose not an appropriate amount of thime that i think i can digest a trailer-load of books and practise questions in the hope that i mightpass.

    not trying to be harsh or anything. i just think an exam shouldn't be rushed. i prefer to give myself time to digest the information, otherwise i just end up quoting it rather than knowing it.
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    i agree with bellboy. I felt i had a good handle on things before i scheduled my exam. I then set it up 10 days in advance and spent that time reviewing.
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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