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Hello everyone,

I come from Hong Kong, and i'm going to apply a MSc in information security course at Royal Holloway.
I just want to ask about the reputation of this university and this programme, is it easy to find a related job after graduated?
Also is it possible for me to find a job in UK after graduated from Royal Holloway?

Thank you for all of your replies!


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    Welcome to the forum.

    Based on the UK university league table, I think it's safe to say that Royal Holloway has a good standing. Check the link below for more details:

    Top UK University League Tables and Rankings 2016 - Complete University Guide
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    It's an excellent program, but getting a job in the UK is really difficult because they can only hire if they can't find a local candidate from UK OR the EU...chances are slim.

    Go get this Msc, get more experience in Hong Kong, then traveling would be much easier :)
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