I got a jerb!

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I would like to thank everyone for the input given over the past couple of years. I am finally getting out of the Army and I will finally be able to do my job! I accepted a Network Administrator position just outside of Austin, Texas making $66,000 plus all of the benefits. The things that draws me to the position is that I will get to learn the Server/Storage side, as well as firewalls. I was becoming disheartened because I primarily ONLY know networking, and only using OSPF. I hope this opportunity allows to me do a lot more beyond what I do in labs. I start terminal leave in 24 days, and I start this job in 26 days!

Good luck to everyone still searching!
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    "They took our jerbs!"

    That never gets old icon_lol.gif
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    E Double U wrote: »
    "They took our jerbs!"

    That never gets old icon_lol.gif

    Chicken Sandwich?

    On a serious note congrats on the new job
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    congrats...well done all the best in your new role.
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    Congratulations on the new job!
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    Congrats! It's such a nice feeling to find that good civilian job when ETSing.
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    E Double U wrote: »
    "They took our jerbs!"

    That never gets old icon_lol.gif

    Ehrrhr nehr! The jerbs!

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    Congrat! That is awesome. Do you know if it will be NetApp storage? If so, NetApp offers free cert training and test for transitioning military personnel. Might be worth looking into.
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    Stryder144, excellent note on the NetApp..

    typfromdaco, thank you for your service and welcome to the veteran/civilian side...enjoy
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    Good job bro! The market here in Texas is great.
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    Excellent. You will love Austin.icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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    @Stryder144: I don't know what they currently use, I emailed the man I would be working with and I am waiting for a response.

    I am currently stationed on Hood and purchased a house in Temple, so my drive will be around 35 minutes. I do love Austin! I was told we use a mixture of Cisco and Brocade, but I have never worked with Brocade. Does anyone know if there are practice labs for Brocade online?
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    CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!icon_cheers.gif
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    Great job!!
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