Passed CISSP today!

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Excited as hell so this will be brief until later!

I was one of the ones that took the test when ISC2 had the longest delay in what felt like history for results. I think I was one of the only ones that failed when the results finally got released. 681...oh so close. Kick in the nuts to have to wait 6 weeks to just barely fail.

Whatever. That's life. Got back at it and scheduled the test the next day, brushed up on what I knew my weaknesses were. Halfway through the test I knew I was passing. I was breezing through the answers, around 150 questions and 2 hours in I took a break and had a snack. Finished up strong. Last 50 questions or so had me second guessing to the point where my entire mood changed. Flagged around 30 questions and only changed 3 or 4. Hit submit.



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    Congratsicon_thumright.gif whats next after CISSP?
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    congrats..well done.
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    Awesome! nice work!
  • TongyTongy Member Posts: 234
    Bam! Congratulations! Great result, and must taste all the sweeter knowing what you've been through!
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    Congrats on not being kicked in the nuts twice by ISC2.
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    Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy the weekend with blast!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post full details about preparation :D
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    Many congratulations on passing the exam :). Any special tips for upcoming exam seekers, like your study plan etc... Pls advise.
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    Congratulations icon_thumright.gif
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    Awesome, congratulations!
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    Good job, must feel great! Congrats on your hard won success. :)
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    HI Corrant ,

    Congrats for your CIssp .

    I am also planning to give exam in month of november . I am focused on Shon Harris all in one study guide .

    & Video.

    Can you please suggest me that CCUre is ok material to pass this Exam ??

    Have you got any questions from CCUre or do i need to use ISC 2 Practice questions at last .

    Please suggest me . Thanks
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    Congratulations on the pass!
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