is this really all the sockets I know

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Socket 7 - pentium, pentium mmx, amd k6, k6-2, k6-3
Socket 8 - pentium pro
slot 1 - pII, pIII, celeron
socket 370 - same as above
slot a - athlon
socket a - athlon, athlon XP, duron icon_eek.gif icon_lol.gif


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    is this question offensive?
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    I don't think so... but I think you are the only one that can answer your question ;)

    If you meant to ask if these are the only ones you need to know:
    These are the ones you are most likely to get questioned on.
    4.1 Distinguish between the popular CPU chips in terms of their basic characteristics
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    you may find that some socket 7 motherboards are actually referred to as super socket 7 motherboards. this is because, then intel introduced the celeron and pii cpu, they did not contiue to manufacture new socket 7 chipsets. amd and others continued to manufacture socket 7 cpu until they reached approx 500mhz.

    do some research on the xeon processor. post in this forum which socket/slot you might find a xeon processor.
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    Exam wise.... might there be a difference between the Socket 7 and the Super Socket 7? (zif ?)
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    physically they are the same. A socket 7 pentium will drop into a "super" socket 7 board and run without problems. The difference between socket 7 and SS7 was the addition of 100 mhz FSB. While the final roll of pentiums operated on a 66 mhz base (using multipliers of up to 3.5 to reach it's final speed), the AMD K6-2 and K6-3 could use up to 100 mhz FSB officially.

    You may be asked something like this:

    Identify which processors are socket seven based:

    a. Pentium MMX
    b. Xeon
    c. Pentium II
    d. K6
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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