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not only am i new to IT, i'm new to this site. i have learned a lot about braindumps from reading all of the postings. a friend told me about a braindump site this morning and i said no thanks- i have enough material. i agree you should learn the material and know it rather than simply memorizing questions/answers just to pass and get your cert. so, thank you for a great site and great input!


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    I couldn't agree more..I'm a newbie also, but what I've read in here and some of the advice I've rec'd, there is more than enough, free or affordable, quality info out there w/out having to use braindumps to try and memorize answers....not sure if you've seen this yet, but lazyart passed it along to me in response to my 'good books?' post...

    send an email to this addy, it's an autoresponder that tells you how to get the .pdf files that they've put together....

    email [email protected] for 4 more excellent .pdfs.
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    thanks! i just sent it. check this out.
    i'm taking the test now, it's pretty good. i learned of it on this site.
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    another thing I've done is sign up for 'question of the day' email at a couple of different sites...I believe one of them listed in the 'topsites' link
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