How patient are you to not show your excitement to recruiters.

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So just a general questions. I got approached by a direct HR recruiter of a big company for a role they have open. That was yesterday and i follwed up with a request for additional information about the position. The recruiter send me the information and I really liked the role and expressed interest by providing the recruiter with my phone number and willingness to discuss further. The recruiter called me and i picked up the call but we did not much because I was on a work related call at that moment. We quickly scheduled for another call 30 minutes after my work call would have ended.

The recruiter said they will call hack then but 30 minutes past and there was no calls, another 30 minutes later i called the recruiter but was unable to speak with them because the number was a generic number of the HR area.

Now I'm considering following up with an email and my resume and to express my interest again and explaining that earlier I got caught up with work. Should I do this or will I look too desperate? I'm really not desperate, just think this role would be a great next step and would hate to lose the opportunity. But my concern is with how will the HR person perception about the whole thing. What would you do? Would you wait for the next day for the recruiter to contact you again or follow up before they do with the resume and willingness to schedule another call?


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    Yes ... follow up with email and resume. there is nothing wrong with being aggressive about the things you want in life. If I were in your shoe, I would show up at their office in my suit, Attache briefcase and a smile (kidding) but on a serious note let them know that you are strongly interested in working for them. All the best let us know the outcome.
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    Nothing wrong with wanting something and being passionate.
    I'd go for it and see if you get a response tomorrow. If not give it the weekend and hit them up fresh on Monday
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    THey will call you if they really want you. Whats weird is the jobs that i didn't expect to call, usually calls me back.
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    Who cares about sounding desperate? Worst that could happen is they don't hire you, which is no different than them not calling back now.
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    You guys are right, I just send an email with my resume and basically said looking forward to our next discussion.
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    I don't think calling them back shows desperations, it might show your courtesy and your good attitude of calling someone back because you didn't have much time to speak to them in the first place although they were supposed to call you. An email describing the situation you were in when you received a call from her will also be a good way to follow up with mentioning that you though there was a schedules call between you both.

    But please be careful of calling them too many times as they step on multiple boats they might need some time to hop back on yours.. patience brother.. All the best ..Let us know how it went..
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    NOC-Ninja wrote: »
    THey will call you if they really want you. Whats weird is the jobs that i didn't expect to call, usually calls me back.
    Aint that the truth. The one job I thought I couldnt get turned out the be the one I got!
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    I'm pretty persistent with recruiters. I could not care less if they think I am desperate. They are just there to get me hired and get paid anyway.
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    Follow-up. You'll look like you're seriously interested and someone who closes the loop, finishes things, etc. Those are traits of a good candidate for the position. If you don't follow up the recruiter may get the impression you're not all that interested (a waste of their time) or you're a flake.

    Never play hard to get with recruiters, just makes you look like you're not on the job market and they'll move on fast. Build a network of them.

    Even when I'm not job searching I reply to messages from recruiters. I cultivate them like they're my personal job search army. Works well for me.
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    I try to maintain communication with them to show I am interested. Excitement leading to persistence is okay but I think when you seem desperate may raise some red flags to them.
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    Anytime your dealing with a situation like that you have to change your mindset. Focus your attention on other things. If they really want to get a hold of you, they will.

    What type of role are you looking for?
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    So here is an updated with this thing. So after i followed up, they told me another recruiter more senior will be contacting me on Friday. Friday past and no contact. I let Monday slide and there was no contact either. Then on Tuesday i send an email to the recruiter and asked if the senior recruiter will be calling. They replied back saying they have been busy with some other things and that the senior recruiter was tight up and that he will be calling me on Wednesday. Wednesday came and there was no call. What do i do now, follow up again, wait or forget about this job?
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    Personally, I would forget it. However, I'm the type of person that assumes if someone says "I'll call you back", then most likely I'm not getting called back.
  • PCExpertPCExpert Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 6 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I've just left some advice for you on your other thread LOL, but personally it sounds like you may be getting the run around (although there may be genuine reasons). I'd leave it for now. They'll either contact you back or they won't.
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