What's next after CompTIA?

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Hey guys. I've recently completed my Security+ exam and got the full CompTIA trio now! I was wondering what my next course of action could be for certifications? I attempted my 70-680 a couple of years ago and failed, but recently got a lot of knowledge in it. I was thinking of the certification path below, but is it worth it, considering Windows 10 is out now?

- 70-680 + 70-686 for MCITP in Windows 7 Admin
- 70-417 to upgrade to MCSA Windows Server 2012
- 70-413 + 70-414 to upgrade to MCSE Windows Server 2012

I've done a lot of sysadmin and support work in the past, and currently working in security and biometrics, which has allowed me to touch base on Redhat 5 and a little Oracle.

Could anyone suggest what my next plan of action should be? I'm really on board to do the exams above but is it worth it? Is there other exams I should focus on more?
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    That seems a reasonable path, but the 417 has a reputation for being tough. It might be better to take the Server 2012 exams as separate components, perhaps even switching out the 412 for a Hyper-V or Office 365 exam.

    The Windows 10 path is tricky, since it is new and the exam seems to be very broad. Windows 8 MCSA exams are being retired mid year. Windows 7 is still very widely deployed, and there's a lot of overlap anyway between versions. So Win 7 isn't a bad choice.

    I think start down the path, and see how it goes. If Server 2012 starts to look hard, look at other options.
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