stupid question

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hi again
i know that this question is very stupid but
id rather be stupid the time of one question better be stupid all time
lets say that i have a network with a dns server
and i want to connect to www.google.com
which server will performe the host name resolution
the one on the network or the ISP's dns server
and again excuse my ignorance
and thank u in advance
a badawan who wants to learn from masters djedai


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    raiedraied Member Posts: 93 ■■■□□□□□□□
    It depends. Most likely niether. Your local DNS will look for the it locally, then go out to the Internet if www.google.com is not in the zone record. This is how it will resolve www.google.com (most likely, at least the way I understand it):
    1. Check local DNS
    2. It will then go to root DNS server
    3. root DNS server sends request to .com DNS server
    4. .com DNS server sends request to DNS server that can resolve name (most likely a google DNS zone)

    hope this helps
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