70-411 Pass!

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Took and failed the 70-411 on 6.14.16 with a 68x. Bought the booster pack beforehand. Scheduled retake for 6.18.16 (today). Passed with a 7xx. This one is a tough one, I will have to say it is harder than the 410, not significantly but it is harder.

Resources used:

- Exam ref 70-411
- Mastering Windows Server 2012 R2 by by Mark Minasi and Kevin Greene
- CBT nuggets videos R2 revision
- Testout online training
- Microsoft Virtual Academy
- Microsoft Virtual Labs

Studied aggressively after the 410 pass about a month ago. So, took me about 30 days.

Labbed out in areas of weakness.

Onward, I think im going to go with the 74-409 route instead of taking the 412. I will get the MCSA plus bonus cert for Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center. :D

Plus if I can get this done before the 30th of June, I think? I can get a free voucher from MS for upgrading MCSA to 2016. Not totally critical, however would be nice.
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