Structure of MCSA 70-410 exam?

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Could anyone who has taken the test tell me how the exam is structured or what categories are tested on and in what order?

I have several MCSA study materials and I want to work on technologies tested in the exam, as needed, rather than going thru one book or video collection beginning to end.

I appreciate any help, thanks.


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    There is no order to the exam, all the materials are tested. Microsoft provides the % on their syllabus. You can find it on the page of the certification course. So yes, you would need to go from beginning to end.
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    Be prepared to go from end to end on several books and study every domain of the test in Technet and doing labs or you will not pass the test.
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    I passed this early this year. I used the guide on their site for the exam when it came to checking what was tested. You will be given questions based on these.
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    around 60 questions , 120 minutes and different variations of questions :_ drag and drop, multiple answers ...etc
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