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Anyone used Microsoft Practice test? would assume it would align with the exam since its from them :D. I am planning on purchasing the booster pack and might just add that practice test before the end of the month. Or is there a practice test that you guys recommend. appreciate the feedback. thanks.


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    I used the MS Practice tests for the 411 and the 409. They were... OK. Not terrible but not great either. The one for the 409 was better than the 411 I'd say. I too purchased them with the booster pack and for only an extra $25 they're definitely worth it for that price. However, I did find one question on the 409 practice test that they gave the completely wrong answer for. As for other practice tests, I used the Transcender for the 410 and it was excellent. I also used Transcender for the 411 but it wasn't as good as it was for the 410 so that's why I ended up getting the MS ones additionally. There wasn't a Transcender available for the 409 so I can't comment on that one. I also used the Boson practice tests for the 411 but honestly didn't care for them at all. I know a lot of people really like them but they just didn't even come close to being like the actual exam. A lot of them didn't even seem to make sense as to how they aligned with the objectives of the exam at all. But yes, my opinion is the MS practice tests are worth it since it only costs $25 more with the booster pack. You can also extend them for an additional few dollars a day if you need to after it expires which is nice.
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    I was a huge fan of the Boson practice tests. They seemed to cover more content than any other vendor I looked into.
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    Thank You Anderson and Poolman for the response. I will definitely buy the MS practice test like you said it is just $25 and look at the others, transcender/boson. I plan on taking the exam maybe end of the month or early next month(70-410 exam). Thanks again guys.
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