4402 too old?

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Hi all,

I'm still trying to research this a bit but I need help understanding. My work has a brand new, never used, never opened 4402 that they were going to toss so I asked to keep it and it's now mine. I know it's EOL already and that it will not be enough to get the new exam, but is it still good enough to get hands on lab experience and learn enough to transition to new equipment/exam?

Anything anyone can share that might be useful regarding the 4402? Recommended APs and any other equipment I may need? Thanks in advance guys and gals.
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    We have/had a few of those along with the newer 5508 models. For the most part they are interchangeable, but depends on the ios version you run. I used the old 4402 and a small 2100 series WLAN Controller to study with. Luckily having 8 of these in production really helped me get a hands on experience. Truthfully for what the exam is, they were over kill, but at least I was able to see the concepts in action so worth using since you have one.

    As for the APs, we used Aironet 1130 and 1142's. They are very cheap to buy now on eBay if needed.

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