Converting from Server with GUI to Server Core

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So I'm in my final couple of weeks before scheduling the 70-410 and I've finished the PluralSight videos, the book and am now focusing on labbing materials I feel I'm weak on. So I fire up one of the MS virtual labs on Installing and Configuring Server 2012R2 and there are some nice things like remotely configuring and managing servers via Server Manager with PowerShell (which is a weakness of mine but I'm working heavily on it) and Remote Desktop. One of the labs was to reduce a Server with a GUI to Server Core and they ran the following command in Powershell:

Remove-WindowsFeature –name User-Interfaces-Infra

Huh? I've never seen that command before but it works and in looking at it, I understand why it would work. I've searched all over and everything I've found was the following:

Uninstall-WindowsFeature Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra

What gives? Both seem to get the desired result. Seems crappy that MS would throw the first at you as a question on an exam when all of the study materials never mention it.


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    Microsoft changed the command from Remove-WindowsFeature to Uninstall-WindowsFeature in Server 2012. In 2008 it was Remove. The command to install a feature was also changed from Add-WindowsFeature to Install-WindowsFeature in 2012. The Remove-WindowsFeature and Add-WindowsFeature cmdlets were both kept as aliases so either one will technically work, but the correct answer for any of the 2012 exams would be either Install-WindowsFeature or Uninstall-WindowsFeature. Just curious, what book are you using?
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    I had a question like that on a test. I didn't see a good answer. Because I knew the command was install- but it wasn't one of the answers
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    Thanks for the replies. I'm using the Poulton 70-410 book and Pluralsight. I'm far less concerned about Uninstall-WindowsFeature vs Remove-WindowsFeature but what I'm questioning is this current MS TechNet Virtual Lab using the parameter -name User-Interfaces-Infra to go from server with a GUI to Server Core. It works with both Uninstall-WindowsFeature and Remove-WindowsFeature because of the backwards compatibility alias but I've only ever seen -name Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra. After my experience with the 70-640, I can totally see Microsoft throwing a question related to this on the exam.

    Did anyone else know you can convert from Server with a GUI to Server Core by using the Uninstall-WindowsFeature -name User-Interfaces-Infra?
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    I've only seen "Uninstall-Windowsfeature Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra, Server-Gui-Shell -Restart" in my material. Googling around finds interesting
    things such as "
    Get-WindowsFeature *gui* | Uninstall-WindowsFeature -Restart" but that wouldn't be on a test. Your piping the reply of the first command to the second command which is a cool way to do it.
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