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This helped me a lot to understand the DHCP.
Just sharing.

Exam Essentials
Understand how DHCP works and its purpose. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
(DHCP) provides IP configuration information to hosts. It is important to know how a
DHCP client requests information from a server, how a server receives this information,
and also how the server responds to the client and with what type of information.
Understand how DNS works and its purpose. Domain Name Service (DNS) is used to
resolve human names to IP addresses. Understanding how DNS resolves these names is
critical, as is understanding how a DNS query is sent and how a DNS server responds.
Understand the difference between a hub, a switch (bridge), and a router. A hub just
connects network segments together. A switch/bridge segments the network using MAC
addresses, and a router segments the network using logical addressing (IP and IPv6).
Switches break up collision domains, and routers break up broadcast domains by default.
Remember the different names for a router. A router is a Layer 3 hardware device, but it
can also be called a Layer 3 switch or a multilayer switch.
Remember the various devices used on networks today and when you would use each one
and how. Understand the differences and how each device works: routers, switches, hubs,
DNS servers, and DHCP servers.
Identify the purpose, benefits, and characteristics of using a proxy service. A proxy server keeps
a LAN somewhat separated from the Internet. Doing so increases security and filtering control,
and has the tendency to speed up Internet access through caching of recently used web pages.
Describe the proper use of network segmentation when planning and implementing a basic
SOHO network. Understand and apply the concepts of proper network segmentation
when planning the use of various devices in the design of a SOHO network.

Describe the benefits of using dedicated appliances for certain services. Using appliances
to offload functions such as encryption, content filtering, and VPN concentration can
decrease the workload of other systems and add functionality that may be present in these
dedicated devices.
Identify the environmental requirements of infrastructure devices. A cool temperature,
ample ventilation, and the proper humidity level are all key to maintaining the operation of
devices like routers, switches, and appliances.
CompTIA Network+ study Deluxe guide (Exam N10-004) Todd Lammle. — 3 ed._pg
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