CCNA for Network+ study material ?

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I'm currently in college and just got my A+ about a week ago. My school has a req that we need to get both the A+ and the Net+ to graduate, the thing about that is that so far for our school the pass rate for Net+ is 10% even with people that have been in the IT field for years in our class (lol I know it sounds crazy but its true).
So my question is would I be able to study for my CCNA(I plan on actually going for the CCNA as well) and use that information to pass the Network+ ? or do you think it would be better to just go over Net+? In class, I've learned Net+ and CCNA but that was almost a year ago now so basically I'd just be refreshing on the concepts that I'm not so familiar with.


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    I just took the Network + yesterday and passed it for the 2nd time... I can tell you first hand the Network+ is more than just Cisco... I would suggest the reverse order... N+ and then CCNA... N+ is vendor neutral but will build foundational knowledge. For it to be an entry level exam, I was quite surprised by the difficulty of them exam. Its not CISSP or CCIE but it has come a long way in development since N10-001 :O
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    If the pass rate is only 10% including people who have been in the field...that is really bad. Training for the exam has come a long way even though the exam has added additional topics. I am guessing by being in IT more than likely means computer repair or something pretty entry level....I would hope that no system administrator or network anything would be having issues.

    Study Network+ first, and then study for CCNA. The reason is that Network+ is easier than the CCNA, since you have to start knowing Cisco commands/configurations and some other stuff at a practical level not just conceptual for Cisco....that material would be overkill for Network+ and would make your achieving the certification take longer since you would go through all the CCNA studies.
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    10%? Wow, sounds like the training you're getting isn't the right training? Take a look below, I usually pass this onto others who are struggling with the Net+ and they always give good feedback after they pass their exam. Hopefully it will help you:

    This is how I passed my Net+:

    - Watch all of Professor Messers videos and make notes where I can - Professor Messer's CompTIA N10-006 Network+ Training Course | Professor Messer IT Certification Training Courses
    - Thoroughly study the notes and go over each one.
    - Used the CompTIA Net+ objectives and mark each section as a checklist so I knew every point that could come up in the exam (this really helped):
    - Go over Darril Gibsons book if you can.
    - Use practice tests to test your knowledge (I recommend MeasureUp over ExamCompass but paid for):
    IT Certification Practice Tests and Exams | Online Courses | MeasureUp (Paid for but excellent)
    CompTIA Network+ Practice Test Questions | Exam N10-006 (Free but not as detailed or structured)

    Advice for the exam:
    - SKIP the simulation questions until last. They may pop up at the very start and catch you off guard. They take the most time to complete so leave them until later (there's usually only 2 or 3).
    - Go through all multiple choice questions and answer the ones you are 100% or near confident in. Don't spend too long on a single question. If you don't know one, flag it and come back later.
    - Stick with your first answer. Usually your gut instinct choice is right first time, and when I changed my mind I got it wrong.

    You are timed so you need to progress quickly, but don't rush. Take your time and follow what I did and you are bound to pass.

    Few additional points based on your question:

    - You can use some CCNA training for the Net+ if you need to but it's not a requirement. Just don't get sucking into the CCNA stuff too much or it may stray you off the real Net+ objectives (e.g. you may expect something in the exam that won't be there). Personally I would just leave out the CCNA until you have your Net+. Don't confuse yourself or make things harder than they already are.

    Hope this helps!
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    If you are looking to pass the N+, then you are better off studying for the N+ and not the CCNA. The N+ will help you with the CCNA but without real world experience it won't be the other way around. They have some level of overlap (things like subletting, OSI model, etc) but the N+ has a broad set of objectives not touched in the CCNA.
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    Thank you guys for the advice, I decided to just impulse go in and book my Net+ and I passed!
    I got one more CompTIA voucher I can use and I'm wondering what you guys think about going for ether Cloud+ or Server+ ?
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    Thanks for the tips skyliinez.
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