Passed 70-698 !

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I am now feeling very giddy at being MCSA Windows 10. I would say this exam was equally as difficult as 70-697 but there was no cloud stuff obviously which is harder to practice with. I purchased the 4 exam retake option but I passed first time. Scored 862.
I risked it this time by not purchasing Transcender or MeasureUp. I didn't do any practice exams at all.

I studied for two months and used CBT Nuggets (72 videos) and ITDVDS (254 videos).

I also read the Exam Ref Book (three days before the exam, I flicked through it three days.

It's blooming hard work this is !


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    Fwiw, I find the MU and Transcender practice tests not anywhere close to actual exam questions, I stopped using them.
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    Thanks mate. I stopped using them because they are ridiculously difficult and they always seems to freak me out. The real exam is tough but nowhere near as tough as the practice tests. I just sign up for the CBT and ITDVDS courses and go through everything slowly and twice usually ! Then dip into technet here and there. I spent quite a bit of time trying to memorise Powershell commands but it didn't feature as heavily as I thought.
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    Well done! Hopefully that will be me in May. (need to get 697 out the way first)
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    I'm taking this exam after few weeks. Currently reading Panek book but it's too simple, looks like for beginners. Real exam will be more difficult so I should probably be spending my left time more efficiency by focusing on specific articles on technet.
    Could you tell more about the exam? What kind of articles we should focus on?
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    Congrats, well done!
    :study: Office 365 70-347 / 698 later
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    Thanks folks. egis - You need to get a good grasp of everything really. You don't really have to go into massive amount of depth into a lot of the stuff but you need to know all the terms. For example I got a basic general idea of Device Guard and Credential Guard. Just what it does not how it fits together in great detail. I wasn't asked about either of them. One thing to beware of... they could ask you a scenario question with tons of details in it but forget the waffle, just concentrate on what they are asking specifically. I thought the exam was tough but fair (as CBT Nuggets said) but they are not as tough as some of the ridiculous questions on the Transcender or MeasureUp. If you have a good knowledge of all the areas then you will clearly see the terms that are clearly wrong for the answers. You have to learn it all even if some areas you skim over a bit.

    I didn't lab that much for this exam as a lot of it is familiar to me. I did open Powershell a few times and played around with the interface a bit and go through all the control panel settings etc.

    Good luck.
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    I can confirm, lots of waffle in some questions which seem to have nothing to do with the questions/answers.

    I passed too this week.

    Unlike the 697 my 698 experience was a lot better tbh, more like a real desktop situation. I still wish it was more practical and not expecting you to know exact paths to find something silly but still, an improvement over the 697 for me at least.
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    Does the ITDVDs series provide enough information to pass the exam? Planning on using that and Pluralsight for the 70-698. If not, would you say that the Exam Reference and CBTNuggets provide enough, or were you relying on prior experience for a lot of this? Thank you very much for the tips you have shared so far.
  • culpanoculpano Posts: 163Member
    I really rate ITDVDS. They are short videos but they go into a good amount of detail. They are also inexpensive and they allow you to view them offline which was useful for me. I used ITDVDS for both 70-697 and 70-698. Also they have a Windows admin course which gives a very good prep for the exam courses.
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    Just one question. Can I first pass 70-698 and then 70-697 ? I think 70-698 is more easy , no?
  • doubleodoubleo Posts: 27Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Yes you can and yes it is!
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    Long-time listener, first-time caller...

    I am looking at taking the 70-698, has anyone put together an awesome study guide like amd4ever did for the 697? I am good as far as the gui goes, but I would like a quick review of the powershell commands I may be tested on, so I can make virtual flashcards.

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    Good morning from the US NYC,

    I've been out of the tech side since 2000 and considering reentry as an IT professional. The past 10+ years have been in finance and insurance. I'm a licensed insurance broker and really burnt out of the whole industry.

    My thing back in the day was mainly hardware (Computer System) builds peppered with making things work properly within Windows. I loved everything about it, but for personal reasons had to leave the industry after getting married. I was studying for my CompTiA and Microsoft basic tests before getting engaged to my nowcrx wife with whom I have a 14 year old son

    Athough in the past I made great money in sales I've burnt out with the whole thing and absolutely hate it now.

    Short of cash, but still have a love/passion for tech, I was hoping to receive some input from everyone as to the best path to take in possibly getting back to a tech role or even going on my own perhaps in some way. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    I am going through the CBT Nuggets videos myself. I will also look for those IT DVD's. I have the same exam-ref book as well, the one with the green cover?

    Do you know of any decent exam **** that are out there... like the VCE files?

  • doubleodoubleo Posts: 27Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    If you're into ****, look for them at the local public toilets.
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    Hello Everybody,

    Just finished up my network+ and looking to go down the Microsoft path. I was looking for a good 70-698 study guide and came across the Panek book on amazon. I saw on here that people have been referencing the Exam Ref study guide (green cover) and was wondering how the two compared.

    Also, I have found it necessary to use at least two sources in preparation for an exam. Would a study guide paired with training videos, say CBT Nuggets, cover enough of the material to pass? If not, what are your other recommendations?

    Thanks for the info thus far. Big time fan of techexams so I finally decided to join the hoopla.
  • malachi1612malachi1612 Senior Member UKPosts: 404Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    The Panek book and CBT Nuggets videos was enough for me to pass 70-697 and 70-698.
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    Congratulate to everyone passed the exam. I will be doing my exam next week and Im doing some last min revision and I came across this question that bother me abit.
    - Win 7 in-place upgrade win 10
    :: can win 7 32bit pro in-place upgrade to win 10 32bit or 64bit pro
    :: can win 7 pro in place upgrade to win 10 pro or ent

    According to MeasureUp practice test, win 7 pro can upgrade to either win 10 pro or ent. CBT nuggets deny that.
    According to google research, 32bit can only upgrade to 32 bit version, testlab say other wise.

    I'm very confuse now.
  • malachi1612malachi1612 Senior Member UKPosts: 404Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    Technet is great source because its directly from Microsoft. The answer to you question is here

    You cant do an in place upgrade from a different CPU architecture to another. You need to do a clean install if going from 32bit to 64bit, providing the CPU supports 64bit.

    Small tip: Get yourself some Virtual Machines setup. Download the trial versions of Windows 7 and Windows 10. Play around and see for yourself. Labbing everything will help you understand of reading directly from the book or watching videos. Helps fill in the gaps you are unsure of.
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    Xander, you're a good year late on giving him advice buddy
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    Congrats. Would you say this is as difficult as the MSCA server 2012 exams?
  • Skyliinez92Skyliinez92 Level 99 Wizard Posts: 788Mod Mod
    Sedamen. You can't really compare two exams with different OS and technologies. That's like saying, what's harder, configuring and maintain failover clustering or create a provisioning package and deploy with ICD. Depends if you're desktop support or sysadmin.
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