Juniper to Cisco : Serial back to back?

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Hi Everyone,
Been banging my head against this. The Googs isnt helping. Is it possible to to connect a Juniper (J2300) to a Cisco 2600 back to back via serial? I have both DCE-DTE and DCE-DCE cables. Neither result in Physical Link UP.

Please advise!


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    Have you changed the Cisco to PPP? Cisco defaults to HDLC and Juniper defaults to PPP.
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    Hi! Yup I have tried changing to PPP. I don think that is the issue. I believe encapsulation is a layer 2 protocol and the issue is stuck at layer 1. Both the Cisco and Juniper recognize that a serial cable is plugged into them, and they adjust their serial settings when they are changed from DCE to DTE ends. But the Juniper never seems to receive a signal from the Cisco.

    So that seems to be the problem, the Juniper knows its DTE, but doesnt seem to receive any timing clock or anything.

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    How is the clocking configured? Can you post the serial configs for Juniper and Cisco?
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    Hi! What kind of V.35 cables do you use?
    I guess Cisco cable for C-side and Juniper cable for J-side?
    As I remember we had some problems when we use Cisco cable for J-side - it didn't worked...

    Also you must configure clock on DCE side!
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