Passed CCIE DC v2 Written Exam

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Just wanted to say that I passed the CCIE DC Written Exam. I mostly lurk, and just read other people's posts. Thus, I just wanted to say, "Thanks" to those who post their CCIE experience.

For exam review, I always feel personally conflicted because I don't want to "****" anything. The best I can say is to head over to Cisco Live, and pull up the 2016 Australia Cisco Live Session for the CCIE DC Exam. While it is focused on the lab, the program manager provides a lot of insights that you won't find on someones blog. (At the time of this post Cisco Live 2017 just finished so those videos were not watched by myself.)

Overall, it was a fair exam. Even if I didn't know something during the exam, I never had one of those "WTF?" moment like in other Cisco exams.

Thanks again to all those heavy contributors out there. On to the lab exam.


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    Congrats, passing any ccie test is a big milestone.
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    Big congratulations!
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    Thanks for the kind words.
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    Thanks for mentioning that session info. This year was my first CiscoLive and it really lit a fire under my butt about the CCIE. I am excited to go back and review all the session presentations!
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    Congrats and good luck on the Lab
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