Passed CASP!

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Just passed the CASP after 3-months of part-time study. I have to agree with the majority of posts I've seen that state that this isn't an easy exam.. What I found was odd was that the simulations for this exam were the easiest part for me, while some of the multiple choice questions were incredibly difficult...


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    I passed also. The simulation questions were not bad. It was harder to see some of them than anything else. The others were in some cases really difficult. I had been studying hard for it for about 4 to 6 months. It was no joke. One of the most difficult exams I had taken. A person cannot study enough for it. There are just so many domains the books do not cover in depth enough.
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    Right on! Good times. I want to do this one after SEC +
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    Nice job, congrats man!
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    What study material did you use?
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    How many areas of review did you have? I'm trying to determine how far off I was in passing.
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    qcktap - I used:

    CompTIA CASP Exam Objectives - If you don't know this list inside and out, the exam is going to be extremely difficult.

    Abernathy and Mcmillan: CASP Cert Guide - This was a bit of a ponderous read, but definitely helped prepare for the onslaught of acronyms on the exam. Abernathy and Mcmillian thankfully present the material in a very accessible format, or I doubt I would have made it through the entire book. Training Videos: Kelly Handerhan - Provides an excellent overview of all of the domains, and explains many cybersecurity concepts in greater detail than any other study material I've encountered. Kelly also takes very complex cybersecurity concepts and dumbs them down for us.

    Pluralsight Training Videos: Chris Rees - A fantastic overview of all domains, covering every bulletpoint on the CompTIA CASP Exam Objectives. He speaks a little fast so I had to watch his videos through a few times to grasp both the diagrams and the words.

    While these resources are excellent, I think the most valuable study method I used was simply looking up many of the bulletpoints (especially Web technologies - SAML, XACML, SOAP) on the internet. For example, while all of these materials explain that IPsec uses AH and ESP, none of them explain WHY we use AH and ESP. Another example would be where the resources state how XSS is dangerous, and X and Y methods can help to mitigate the risk of XSS, but none of them expressly explain how XSS actually occurs. The CASP is a very technical exam, so knowing the definition is not enough, you need to know what to look for in a piece of code to understand what attack is happening.

    Hope this helps, and good luck mate!
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    apisky - I think I missed questions from 5 different areas. There's no scaled score so I'm not sure how many questions I missed. Some questions may have been from multiple domains as well.. This exam was a doozy, don't give up! It looks like this one gets a lot of people the first time. You can do it!
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    I saw someone say that CCNA material helped; would yo agree with this? And what other material from other certifications do you think would help?
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    qcktap23 wrote: »
    I saw someone say that CCNA material helped; would yo agree with this? And what other material from other certifications do you think would help?

    CCNA material only helps on maybe 5% of the exam. Any CASP guide will help you with that portion anyway.
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