Passed... whew

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First sitting today, been studying for a long time. 782. Believe the hype, this thing is tough. You are going to be thrown questions that you have never seen.

5 sims right off the top, I did them all straight up though rather than saving for later.

I walked in with full confidence that I'd pass - I threw the towel in at about 80 minutes... I had nothing left. I knew it could go either way. I'd like to know which of my several educated guesses were right - but I digress.

I used Darril's book on and off for a year. Also used the McGraw Hill questions. Then two weeks ago I bought the exam questions on Darril's premium site, and that I believe is what put me on the passing side of the fence.

Next I'm going to be getting some NetApp certification training for work, then on to get my CCNA again (mine expired in...... 2010, lol)


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    Congrats on the pass!

    I've said it many times, this test is no joke. What really got me was the allotted time to complete the exam. 1/2 hours is not a lot of time for ~75 questions, including the simulations.
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    Felt the same way during the exam (passed two weeks ago). Flagged a lot of questions . Agree 100 percent that the premium content on Darril Gibson's site helped a great deal, The performance based questions were relatively easy compared to the rest of the exam.
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    I also just passed today. I third Darril Gibson the books helped me going from nothing to passing. Also Professor Messer helped a lot too.
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    Congratulations! I used Darril's book and website to pass in 2013. I can't say enough about him!
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    Congratulations on the pass! Security+ is a good exam to build momentum and confidence off of.
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    ShayBammy wrote: »
    The performance based questions were relatively easy compared to the rest of the exam.

    I know, right? I got through the sims relatively unscathed, with about 1:10 on the clock ready to burn through the MCQ. But one after another came that I didn't have a clear answer for, and I started to panic. I must have flagged 15 of them at least. It was good to know in advance that I might see some "beta" questions - and I saw plenty.
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    @ITSec14: Things have changed since you sat for the exam, current exam (SY0-401) has a maximum of 90 questions to be answered within 90 minutes.
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