LPT Exam next week!

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So after waiting till the very end, I will be taking the LPT exam next week on Monday morning. I took a week off work for it just in case so I don't fail (i hope I don't fail). I will provide a writeup of my experience once the whole process is over from activating my dashboard key to getting my final results from EC-Council. i'm nervous since I hear it is a hard exam. Just doing some reading of the ECSA books and videos before the big day. I've also been doing research on the LPT exam for any reviews. I found 2 reviews for LPT so I will make this a TE exclusive review of the LPT an honest review of the exam. Be on the lookout for updates along the way also as I'll be adding them to this post.
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    Well I failed to provide an update as I was going along. However.... I passed the LPT exam!! :)

    Overall, it was a very fun certification/license exam that really does prove you know your stuff!!

    Yeah yeah people give EC-Council smack talk because of CEH. But LPT is completely different.

    Here is how the exam works:

    Submit application fee of $100 if you have 2 years of pen test experience, have OSCP or GPEN cert
    Have ECSA and CEH in good standing (no app fee)

    If you are approved, you buy the exam kit @ $899

    After that, you have 3 months to redeem your dashboard key in Aspen portal

    Once you activate your dashboard key, there is no going back so be prepared!!

    What happens after you activate your dashboard key is you have a 30 day time period:

    5 Day lab time(iLabs key emailed after you activate dashboard key within seconds) *Note they are different keys*
    25 Days to write up the report

    After reading the NDA, they really lockdown and restrict what can be said/discussed so i'm gonna play it safe and not talk to much about it.

    My honest opinion of the LPT exam. Very good to show you have pen testing knowledge on an intermediate level. It shows you can complete a black box pen test with limited knowledge on the environment.

    It is not as advanced as OSCP, but it does have challenging tasks to complete.

    I feel that the LPT is great for prep before taking the OSCP because you have 5 days of lab time unlike 24 hours for OSCP

    You get to sleep when taking LPT so that is a positive!

    The EC-Council staff I worked with were very helpful and nice! Quick to respond also and quick for grading my report!

    It was a smooth and painless process from getting the code to passing the exam!

    I recommend the LPT to anyone who is looking at getting into penetration testing or is a current pen tester and wanting to validate their skills and report writing abilities.

    My overall report was 35 pages!

    Plus being known as a Licensed Penetration Tester is just sweet!!

    I hope the LPT picks up in popularity with HR. Since it is hands on, you can't BS it! You either know it or you don't!

    Best of luck to anyone looking at the LPT! It is a fun exam and is a credential that is one I plan on using to market myself now!

    Next up is my GCIH then my OSCP!
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    2019: CWSP,Cloud+,Project+,CASP,PenTest+,CWNA,CCNA Security,GXPN,GREM
    2021: LPIC-2,JNCIS-ENT,eLearnSecurity Courses
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    你可以說更多關於ECSA iLab之間的LPT iLab嗎?LPT需要自行寫入hack工具?那麼ECSA更難嗎?LPT iLab是什麼樣的?


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    (Oops , previous click google translate button..)

    Could you say more about LPT iLab between ECSA iLab?

    LPT need write hack tool by self ? more difficult then ECSA? what is LPT iLab look like ? etc.

    Thanks for your help :))
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    Congrats on the pass.
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