Passed CCSK (8/12)

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Scored 97%

It's open book and I've been in a myriad of roles within SaaS companies for 16 years (first ASP, then SaaS).

Decided to go for the ISC2 CCSP after passing CISSP (still waiting for processing), so I figured I'd do CCSK as well while in the process of studying since the information is included in the CCSP material.

Read the CSA V3 document (a bit of dry read) from the website and read about 1/3 of the ENISA document (risks, I've been in this environment a long time) and decided to go for it since you get two attempts anyway.

Next up CCSP.


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    Congratulation !
    I follow the same path as you.
    Did you read more documents or only these two ? How many times did your read it ? How many hours is required ? Do you have advice for this exam ?
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    Can you give some details on the exam. How much time do you get? Is it at a proctor site? Multiple choice/answer?
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    I only read the CSA v3.0 document and about 1/3 of the ENISA document over the course of a week. Took the test the following Saturday. I wouldn't recommend it, unless you have some amount of background on the domains. The time will slip away from your if you're trying to search the documents for every answer during the test.

    The details are on the CSA website. 60 questsions, 90 minutes, multiple choice.
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