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I just passed the R&S exam this past thursday, and i want to focus on the CCNA security next. I have been looking around, and most people believe that the OSG is not very good for the security exam, so I am probably going to skip it. I already have the CCNA R&S + security bundle from Chris Bryant in Udemy, but it seems that he has not finished refreshing the material. I don't want to pay for CBT Nuggets since im low on funds, but I will if i have to. What materials do you recommend? Has anyone tried the course by Piotr on Udemy? Are they any good?

My plan is to do some video courses, along with plenty of labbing and Boson practice exams 2 weeks before my exam date. Also, if anyone knows of a good book for this cert, please let me know.


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    I passed in 2013 using the Cisco Press official cert guide, Keith Barker CBT nuggets, and lots of hands on. It took me about two months.
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    Yea usually the osg is good, but i have heard many people saying that the newest edition does not really reflect the exam very well. I have heard mixed reviews about the 31 days before your ccna security book. Do you think i can get away with purchasing the last edition of the OSG, then using supplementary videos like udemy and cbt nuggets to fill in the gaps.
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    You can subscribe on Safaribooksonline and you will receive:

    Cisco Press official cert guide
    31 days before your ccna security
    CCNA Security 210-260 video course from OCG author
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    Has anyone used this course to prepare
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    CBT Nuggets and the Boson practice exams.

    Watch all the CBT Nuggets videos, including all the "homework" videos that they send you to (other CBT Nuggets courses). Read all the Nuggets Labs files, the Parka Document is very helpful.

    Boson practice exams include helpful simulation practice. Also, the explanations of the right AND wrong answers help to really understand the material.
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    I went ahead and bought the 31 days until your ccna security exam book. I already have the udemy videos from Chris Bryant. I will go over those and the book, then do the Boson exams. If i need further details, or if the CCNA security videos have not been completed anytime soon, I will go ahead and get a subscription to CBT. Thanks everyone!!
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    Does anyone know if CBT has discount sales?
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    I got my materials through WGU. Passed by the skin of my teeth, but I rushed it and did it in 1.5 months. They provided the CBT nuggets course with the added "homework" videos from CCNP level and the extra lab files I also read the OCG, 31 days until, boson practice exams, and followed along in GNS3 using an ASAv
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