simulators & study materials for CCNA Security Lab

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Are they any good simulators for the ccna security exam.

can one use an old version of cisco packet tracer.

I have to renew my ccna (Routing &Switching) by june and I am thinking taking the ccna security exam eventually get the CCNP Security

What books do you recomend along with other study material

How long should I study for the exam?


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    i used the OCG, CBT nuggets, and boson practice exams. It took me about 1.5 months. I felt extremely rushed, thought I failed after the first 5 questions, and somehow managed to pass by the skin of my teeth.

    I was able to sim basically everything using GNS3, but a physical ASA would help quite a bit if you're not able to virtualize it. I don't think packet tracer would be enough, as you'll want the ASA experience.
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    what is OCG?

    I dont have the space for a real asa in my basement.

    GNS3, don't you need the ios ? which means you need a cisco account right?
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    OCG = Official Cert Guide

    Cisco has tiny ASA's that are smaller than a laptop. Only a few interfaces, but you can run ASDM on it.
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    If you can swing the price or get your company to pay for it, Cisco's training on it is really good. Videos and labs

    Can't imagine too many pay this on their own tho.
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    how many hours per day did you study
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    I'm currently studying for this exam. I bought an ASA 5505 on Ebay for $150 and ASDM works great. If your budget allows I'd recommend looking on Ebay for a 5505. I'm also finding Keith Barkers CBT nuggets absolutely fantastic. I'm aiming to take the exam in the next month or so. I am a little disappointed that the exams went up and are now $300 a pop icon_sad.gif
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  • hunterthuntert Posts: 231Banned has a course for the asa. you can go to and signup to take a free class from packettracer and get packettracer for free.
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