CCIE DC Labbing

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What are people today using for DC Lab Sims?


  • NutsyNutsy Posts: 136Registered Members
    Right now, anything you can via dCloud. Using GNS3/VIRL for a couple topics. The below public ACI link when needing to poke around ACI. Whatever is available via work lab. Hopefully, lab access via Micronics racks after I attend their book camp. Also, UCS-PE for the UCS piece.

  • gilly225gilly225 Posts: 20Registered Members ■□□□□□□□□□
    Gotcha, I'm good on ACI labs..those seem abundant as far as simulations go...I'm more looking for the L2 inside L3 Encaps...I have a few images that support it (CSR/9kv) however they take an extremely long time to boot up as well as resource heavy.

    There are some pretty big names on here, does anyone have insight if INE is ever going to follow up on their Rack Rentals and DC Workbook?
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