ASAv Without Service Contract?

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Was wondering if there is any way that I can use ASAv on GNS3 without a service contract? Any .qcow2 image I attempt tp download from Cisco won't let me because I don't have this contract. Sorry if this is a newbie question as I'm beginning to set up my lab for the 210-260 test. If there are any alternative ways to get this working or to set up such a lab please let me know. I don't currently have to funds to buy a physical ASA appliance.

Also, I read that this lab uses ASDM, so I assume I have train in the GUI rather than the CLI to pass the lab? Thanks


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    You can use it but the bandwidth and feature set will be super limited. As far as where to get the images, you'll have to figure that out but once you have them, that's fine.

    Another alternative if you want to get newer images and updated regularly is to buy VIRL and import the images from that into GNS3
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    You actually can run ASAs inside of VIRL so I never really understood why I would want to mess with getting them into GNS3...most things I have seen says its preference...but I haven't ran VIRL yet.
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