Need help plz: 70-740 Microsoft Certification

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Dear all,

For my employer I'll have to pass my 70-740 Microsoft certification (Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016).
He told me a few days ago I'll have to pass it in two weeks. Now, I've never passed a Microsoft certification so I don't now what I can expect.

To study I received a few virtual machines with labs and a (big) book of Windows Server 2016.

Two weeks doesn't seem to be enough in my opinion. I also have to work so my employer expects me to study after work.. Two weeks a few hours a day.. what do you guys think?

I also wanted to know if I can find 'real' exam questions online? I see a lot of "100% pass guaranteed" etc on the internet but I don't know how relevant these question packs are?

All tips & tricks are welcome icon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gif

Thanks in advance


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    Im gong to be honest, if you are going to look for **** then you are not going to find them for 70-740 with real questions. Its cheating so its not going to valid your skills when you come to do the job in real life.

    I past my 70-740 during the week, it took me 2 months and over 5hrs of studying a night, 7 days a week! This was my 3rd MS exam and I found it difficult so I don't see how anyone can pass this exam in 2 weeks starting from scratch, its alot to take in.

    I went through CBT Nuggets, Pluralsight and the official exam ref over 2 months. Even after that I scored 770 when the pass mark is 700. Best bet, ask your employer for more time.

    I dont know if its an American thing but I see many post on here from people being asked by their employer its compulsory to pass an MS exam they have set for them in a small amount of time, is that how you guys work over there? Because we dont here in the UK.
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    I'm in UK as well and I have never seen it either.

    If you haven't got the cert then you won't get the job in the first place
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    Thank you for the answers! I certainly don't want to pass the test using braindumps, I just wanted some free practical tests to see what kind of questions I can expect.

    Do you guys think that courses on Udemy of Lynda can help? Or other online courses?

    Thanks in advance!

    ps: Yes, I'm an American and a lot of people get hired and then pressured to pass an exam
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    I signed up for free trials on CBTnuggets and Pluralsight to get my studying done.
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    If you only have 2 weeks, I advise looking up the exam objectives and learning as much as you can in those 2 weeks. The 740 covers installing which will include "Installing" Windows, Hyper-V, Containers, Nano, and Failover Clustering, along with some other stuff. Spend some time on each topic and lab what you can. Try to study as many PowerShell cmdlets as you can.

    Visit and go down to the Skills Measured Section to get an idea of what you need to know.

    I think it is kind of ridiculous that they expect someone to pass one these tests in 2 weeks. It is likely that they have put this requirements on previous employees who simply cheated their way through it. Don't fall for it. Did the job description include something about 2016 experience, passing the exam, or anything that would have led you to believe that you needed this to do the job?

    Perhaps I am in a lofty spot but unless I were desperate, if a job required me to get a certificate in such a crazy amount of time, I would try to negotiate it to a month, at least, and if they refused, I'd start looking for other work. Just because they are paying you, doesn't mean they get to treat you like crap. This crazy expectation leads me to believe that this isn't going to be the first crazy thing they will ask of you.

    Good luck
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    You ask for braindumps...which is cheating and you can get banned for life time by M$.

    A cert is not a easy peasy seminar ! It it's hardcore studying...more than on a college or anywhere else (aside science stuff).
    Tell your employer that you can't do it and everyone else who say it is possible is just a f***ing liar or a criminal cheater who simply claims to be an expert and gets money for nothing !!!

    If he want that you study in your free time, he shall pay you for that.
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    If your employer wants you to pass this exam quickly. Get them to pay for the 5 day course.
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