Worth spending more for CISM QAE? 2016 db vs 2017?

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I have access to slightly older database of QA which has about 60 less questions than the current database of questions. I want to make sure that it will be worthwhile for me to pay another $185 for the db access. If anyone has access to 2016 and 2017 databases, can you please let me know if the newer questions pertain to something completely different, such as new technology or perspectives or are they just new questions and worth the extra 200 USD in your opinion? Thanks, in advance.


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    I didn't study the older databases, but I can tell you that the online version is the best study tool I have used. When I studied my CISSP, the best resource I had was the official ISC2 practice test questions book. I wished that the CISSP had the online database that ISACA has. Being able to look at my trouble questions and missed questions were key to me passing the CISM.

    Now, if you are studying an older DB, I don't know if the older DBs have the questions that you need to pass the material today. Is it really worth the $185? Well, the test isn't cheap, so I would say it depends on what your risk appetite is (no pun intended). Personally, I think its worth the money just to get the database and hammer it hard. Why take a unnecessary risk?
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    You have recent experience with the ISACA CISM database and the actual CISM test. How similar is the actual test to the database test questions? In searching this forum I've seen some conflicting opinions about this. Some saying the actual test questions are quite different - some say they are almost the same.
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    The test questions are different from the actual practice test questions, but the concepts are the same. In short, if you know the concepts, you are in good shape. That is why you cannot just study the CISM database and expect to pass the exam. You have to understand the answer. Do not expect to see the same questions on the real exam.

    Now, there is some overlap with the CISSP, but the CISM is more focused on the management side of security than the CISSP is. After I passed the CISSP, I hammered the CISM database hard for a few months and watched the CISM cybrary series before I took the test and it was enough for me to pass. Passing the CISSP was a lot more challenging for me as it was a lot more broad and I hit a lot of different sources before I took that exam.

    The reason I brought up the CISSP is if you don't have a lot of security management experience right now, and your first test is the CISM, you will need more than the database and a video series to pass it.
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    Wow, thanks so much for the info. My situation is sort of opposite. I have been less hands on in the execution/doing like for CISSP and more involved at the management, strategy, and steering committee level, that's why I am going for the CISM. I was still surprised at how poorly I was doing when I first started the adaptive testing. But I have gone from 60% to 80% in a week, taking time to learn the concepts - not memorize answers. But I still worry about showing up for the test and feeling blindsided. I don't plan to schedule exam until I am over 90% and pretty comfortable I could answer the same questions posed in different scenarios. Thanks again, and any additional advice is truly appreciated!
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