Operational fail

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    Pffft not even on the last day. When I left a major bank, I went on garden leave for 2 weeks.
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    Wow!! icon_lol.gif Extra security measures will be implemented after this!
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    Heavily politicized case, I don't believe anything they say.

    Could very well have fired them after the fact and present it like it was their last day.
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    This does feel clickbaitey. I'm skeptical this happened.
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    While Twitter may not be able to take any legal action against the departing employee, since no actual data was lost. You have to wonder if other companies would be hesitant to hire him/her in the future, even companies that are anti-Trump. You have to consider what damage will he/she do if/when they depart from their company in the future. I recall the case of one disgruntled System Admin Tim Lloyd that destroyed the server backups and scheduled a time bomb to wipe the system after he left Omega Engineering Corp, a incident that cost the company 10 million dollars and never fully recovered from. Another IT Administrator Michael Thom also deleted files and disabled backups before leaving his job at ClickMotive. Personally I wouldn't hire this person to sweep the floors if I ran a company, his actions scream untrustworthy.

    On a side note, A follow up security report by Trustwave in 2013 determined that basic security controls (that allowed Tim Lloyd do the damage he did) still were not in place at Omega Engineering. If a 10 million dollar loss doesn't convince you, you need better security controls on your network, I guess nothing will.
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