How difficult are the 2016 exams versus the 2012?

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Hey all,

I would like to thank everyone at this site first as it's been a tremendous help for me in gaining my certs.

My story: I had studied to take the 70-410 (WinServ2012 R2) test earlier this year and I failed. I came short by about 100 points and there was a lab question on the exam that is supposed to be in 70-411 (configuring Windows router) that I was totally unprepared for. I even used the Microsoft official study guides for those exams and I know for a fact there is no router configuration until 70-411. Maybe it's just Microsoft exams but I found their exams not just more difficult but a bit shady as well. While I can handle difficult, I don't like the whole "throw in a lab from a different test" to hope a candidate will fail.

Anyways, I moved on and pursued Linux and other CompTIA certs and did just fine. While CSA+ was incredibly difficult, I didn't see anything on the test that I had not read and prepared for at least.

Has that changed at all for Server 2016?

What materials did you use to pass?


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    Microsoft exams always have, and always will (for the foreseeable future) have questions not covered by the exam prep material.
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    Microsoft have always said that the blueprint of an exam does not constitute everything you will see on the exam itself. Their certifications are to validate your skill in the area, not teach you.

    That being said, I'm studying 70-740 right now and am using the Exam Reference from Microsoft Press. It is concise and to the point, but it does feel "somewhat" easier than the 2012 series.
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