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Just starting to study for the 740. Quick Question.
Do I need to learn both the Command Line and Powershell commands for every step? Or can I concentrate on Powershell as that is the way MS is heading?

Thanks for the help!


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    I don't remember seeing any command line in my exam only powershell. Perhaps I just got lucky not to see any.
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    Thanks Malachi. A couple of threads and other sites really stress knowing PowerShell. So I am going to stick with that.
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    Definitely, this was my 3rd MS cert exam and knowing Powershell is a must.
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    I think you're safe with powershell unless prep material specifically mentions commands, then you should remember both.
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    Microsoft will throw lots of Powershell so definitely be comfortable with that. As these exams continue to age, more CMD commands will slip into the materials. I don't specifically remember any cmd stuff on my upgrade but that doesn't mean it wasn't there. There are a few things that still require old CMD commands (looking at you AD Trusts) but beyond those it isn't specifically required.

    It serves you well to at least have a basic understanding of both that way when they do ask a question and put both on it you can filter through it easier and faster.
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    The last exam I did, one of the questions, they asked me to construct the proper command from a series of dropdown boxes, which has a mix of CMD and Powershell options. So I think the idea is that you can know one, the other or both. As long as you know how to construct them and use them. :) Personally, I know a lot of CMD already, so am focusing on learning the PS equivalents, but in the exams they do allow for previous knowledge, as long as it still works in 2016, by the looks of it.
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