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Good Morning,
Been working as a Network Engineer for the past 6 years to a decent CCNP Level, However I have been bored/stale and would like to make the exciting transition into Windows Server Management.

Question is really for studying purposes, Would you recommend that I go down the Server 2012 or 2016 MCSA route?

Any thoughts or questions are greatly appreciated.


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    I would think the latest and the greatest...
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    You will be bored even more with Windows administrative tasks.
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    I asked the same question last year and everyone said Server 2012. I didn't listen and went for Server 2016, glad I did. You should do the same.
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    TheFORCE wrote: »
    You will be bored even more with Windows administrative tasks.

    I second this.

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    I say learn both, but for certification just go for 2016

    I spent 4+ years as server admin before switching to networking. Not sure what bores you about networking, but in my situation, I definitely had more work to do when I was doing server/virtualization things. A lot of it was repetitive/boring too :)
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