Total new here and seeking assistance please

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Hi everybody!!!

I am a total noob here around the forums and i'm seeking assistance... Anyway let me get straight to it then.

I am really passionate about pursing a career within the IT field specifically as a Sys Admin. I already completed my A+ and I am busy obtaining the N+ certification as well. So my question is to get things started and work on getting the right certifications for a Sys Admin where should i start with the MCSE certification?? How many of them are there and where should i begin to go into the correct direction? I am currently also planning on working abroad soon in the future and would like to get advice as to which certifications would be the right ones that are recognized internationally?

Your input would be highly appreciated thank you in advance :)


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    You didn't mention anything about your current experience. Do you have any?
    Microsoft has a roadmap/ path with what is required for each certification.
    Take a look here

    Thats the place to start and as you get furrher in, you can decide where to branch off.
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    Sys Admin is a very broad role and could involve a number of different tasks depending on where you work. Here's some things that will help you figure out what you want to do.

    What OS do you want to admin? Linux(there are many different flavors) or Windows?

    Look at job postings for sys admins to get an idea of what companies around you are looking for in a sys admin.

    Do you want to be a sys admin forever? Most people move into a sys admin role after help desk or as their first role and move on after a few years to a different role.

    As for certs that are internationally accepted, anything from CompTIA, ISC2, Microsoft, SANS and a few others I cant think right now(I haven't finished my coffee yet haha) will be accepted pretty much anywhere.
    I'm not allowed to say what my previous occupation was, but let's just say it rhymes with architect.
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