70-740 and powershell

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Took the 410 in the pass and failed around 500ish and gave up, mostly cause I didn't have PS experience. All have chanced since then. Read the 30 lunches book and comfortable writing scripts/connections to SQL/TSQL functions,methods and arrays. Read the green MS ref book to brush up on nano and containers. Have watched cbt and pluralsight videos for 2008 and 2012. Based on reading various threads know the commandlets, correct?

Do they focus heavenly on where objects are in the command? The sequence/ordering.
Are they requiring knowing IPV6 public/private ranges and (::)?


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    Knowing general Powershell syntax is necessary for passing MS exams. You don't necessarily need to be good at scripting but you should at least have some basics down.

    What they are going to focus on is a few key commands related to the technologies in question. The best way to figure out a list of this is to figure out a command related to a module, do a Get-Command on it to find what module it is in and then do a Get-Command -Module $ModuleName filling in $ModuleName with the module you discovered before. This will list commands that may or may now show on the test.

    I wouldn't say they focus heavy on the intricacies of the commands but it does show up. The best thing to know is with the commands to install a solution or reconfigure it. Once you've done some studying most of this should become almost obvious.

    I don't remember having to know the IPv6 ranges but it can't hurt to study it. You will need to know IPv4. Honestly, if I were interviewing someone for anything above basic help desk they had better know the IPv4 private ranges. They should also know subnetting on a basic level at least. When you do stuff about multicasting, you'll need to know all the IPv6 ranges but I haven't seen them outside that.
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