A Financial Auditor's CISA Experience 27.12.2017

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Hi guys today I took the exam and on my first attempt passed. I want to share with you my CISA experience and hope it will help you.

1- I am coming from financial auditor background and just have only 1 year IT audit experience
2- I used offial CISA guide and DB, also David CANNON's Cisa Study guide but i have to say i didnt like David CANNON's underestimating language
3- I read maybe 4 times the official guide in last year and went through official DB maybe 5 times (please dont memorize anything, try to understand the ISACA's point of view because there were only 4 same questions in the real exam)
4- Exam is one of the toughest one I have ever had in my life but it can be passed by studying the right resources
5- This forum helped me a lot when preparing the exam but candidates should be aware of bad intentional users, dont beleive evertything (in some of topics a guy told he failed, exam is hard, official db is meanless, language is heavy in the exam... But its all wrong)
6- To me exam's language is not heavy (i am not native, i have 7 points IELTS score)
7- 4 Hour time is enough to finish
8- DB is usefull because without ISACA's point of view you cant pass
9- Read carefully the CRM and then study questions in official DB with wrong options and try to understand
10- If you can think like auditor you can pass the exam even when you dont know some detailed topics

I want to thank everyone who shared the true knowledge here. Wish you all the best!


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    John cisa,
    Congrats & thanks for sharing! Sounds like you studied hard for it!
    I have a financial audit background as well & I passed the CISA exam last week! Having audit experience does help!
  • john_cisajohn_cisa Posts: 3Registered Users ■□□□□□□□□□
    Congrats buddy! I read a lot of comments here mostly about how hard it was and thats why i studied hard :))
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    Congrats to you both! icon_thumright.gif
    Three year plan: (2018) CISSP [X] and eJPT [ ]; (2019) eCPPT [ ]; (2020) OSCP [ ]
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    Hello John, Congrats on your achievement.I enrolled myself for CISA yesterday and not aware of the study material to be followed. Can you please advise or if possible to share the material with me.
    Many thanks
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