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I have two classes remaining in my Net + class and then im going to study for taking it,, I must admit I am having a difficult time just taking everything in and understanding it. But according to my class this is the breakdown of the Net+ exam

Media and Topologies
Protocols and Standards
Network and Implementation
Network Support

The OSI model is very hard to take in fully and from what Ive read on some message boards about jobs and salaries,, i am not even sure if its worth it to go after this. I use CBT Nuggets to study and they help,, and it makes reading the books much easier after viewing it first. I am a 40 year old janitor and i make over 40k a year and i used to do video photography for extra income. I wanted to make a change in my life and got A+ and CWS certified. Nothing really has changed,,lol,, icon_confused.gif

I figured i would try to get a cert per year to boost up my resume in the event i get laid off or something,, but after hearing what these guys are making it doesnt seem worth the effort. Heck i was paying kids to shoot with video cameras for 20 an hour.

In any event,, i was just curious if anyone has tried Cert21 training exams,, ive heard they give over 400 questions from up to date sources and are pretty reasonable cost wise,, i dont want to go nuts with site after site,, was just wondering if anyone had gone that way and what did it accomplish for them,, thanks in advance,,


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    If all that you are looking for is the money you are wasting your time. You don't step into in the IT field just because of the money, you must love IT... you must enjoy working with computers.

    I think that you should continue with your current career. Why don't you try to get a certification in digital photography instead?

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    i only used the free questions at cert21 for network+. if i remember correctly, i thought they were too hard. i stuck with as many of the free ones as i could find.

    although i did buy exam drill for network+, i found that i did not go as crazy for practise tests as i had done with a+. i went overboard and did practise tests too often.

    my lab work was much the same in network+ as it was for the networking portions of the a+ exams - hook up two computers using varying operating systems and connecting as peer-to-peer. looking at the desktops and control panels of each, and trying to remember the differences.

    i just used my books more for network+, and kept my eyes on the forums. if somebody brought up something that i had no idea about, i would research it if my books didn't cover it in the detail i felt was enough.
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,050 Admin
    You don't step into in the IT field just because of the money, you must love IT... you must enjoy working with computers.
    Love the hardware--hate the users. icon_twisted.gif
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    bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    jdmurray wrote:
    Love the hardware--hate the users.
    the ones that can't pick up on what you are telling them quick enough, yes.

    the friends that also ask for computing advice and then go out and buy some proprietary system from an electrical superstore on a year's interest-free credit and then ask you about it, also.
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    I used cert21 for both A+ exams and found them exact matches to what came up on the exams! 1 hour per night doing those questions for one month was plenty.

    I was wondering if there is anywhere that offers NETWORK+ questions on cdrom?
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    cheebliecheeblie Member Posts: 288
    Well, if you are using TK then you are lazy and should be shot in the head icon_wink.gif . If people can't pass without it then they simply cannot pass the exam and should study harder. Personally I don't care if people use it, because they'll end up getting fired really fast due the fact that they know nothing. Then maybe I could fill that vacancy. :D

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    Posting, requesting or promoting the use of braindumps or braindump-in-pdf-selling-cheetsheets-like companies will result in a permanent ban.
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    I love Computers and the users i can realited with a little bit i just feel sorry they have no heck idea what computers can do and how they work lol. I deal with a famly of 5. My dad is a Sucessful MCSE and a bunch of other certs and has a nice job. But the rest of my famly are a bunch of dumbblanks when it comes to computers and they area always killing their computers. From replacing sound cards to you name it. Thats why getting my a+ was really easy i was constanty repairing and replacing their computers so A+ was pretty basic stuff. As for network+ i studied that because I love networks and the stuff involed. Mosty because we use a common network in mind via the internet. Anyway so yea. Also yes Webmaster is right. BRAINDUMPS SUCK!!!!!! DOWN WITH THEM. IF u use them ur cheating yourself when it comes where ur at a job and you should have been learning the materal you will regret using them. Only cheaters and lozers use braindumps and i wish them much downfall. Though if we have alot of people like that it wil make Tech people in general look bad and that just isnt right for the people who spent the time and money and effort and long hours studying to be slaped in the face and given a status of crap from some unreiable cheater!Grrr
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